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Dissolving Discrimination through Sport – PBA

Project Summary

In this Partnership Building Activity, we will develop projects Dissolving Discrimination through sports. We intend to find creative usage and good practices of using sport as a tool for enhancing inclusion and active citizenship.

We are to exchange and learn from each other while enhancing our capacities and quality of work.

Therefore, our aim is to identify and establish possible future long-term cooperation with the selected partner organisations and collaborate in increasing the number of projects aiming at Dissolving Discrimination through sports in Erasmus+ funded projects throughout Europe and beyond.

The greater goal of the project is also to improve the amount and variety of usage of sport-based methods as a NFE educational tool serving Dissolving Discrimination under Erasmus+ programmes.

Hence contributing to promote and implement social inclusion, anti-discrimination and active citizenship-oriented mindset and projects be it at local, national and international level too.

In this PBA we want to bring together 28 youth workers from 14 different countries working in non-profit organisations.

Expected results: Providing a meeting point to bring together 28 youth workers/leaders/managers of organisations for future collaborations on Dissolving Discrimination through sports projects such as training course creation, strategic partnership and collaborative partnerships creation.

We will be designing at least 7 projects (training course, collaborative and strategic partnership) to be applied in 2021 deadlines.

The project is designed for youth workers and youth leaders active in their organisations who are to build successful partnership and are aware on how these partnerships can be linked to the strategic priorities of their organisations.

Project Objectives

  1. Strengthen the motivation and increase cooperation between youth organisations internationally interested in the topic of Dissolving Discrimination through sports
  2. Provide a space to learn and share good practices and experience on the usage of sport as a tool for Dissolving Discrimination in youth work.
  3. Create the space for contact making and networking as a base of future projects with special focus on the usage of sport as a tool for social inclusion, anti-discrimination and active citizenship.
  4. Foster quality improvement in organisations social contribution by developing projects using sport as a tool to Dissolve Discrimination.
  5. Encourage and develop the creation of future projects within Erasmus+ framework.
  6. The project will contribute to the objectives of Erasmus+ by:
    • Improving the quality of youth work by promoting and strengthening European cooperation between youth organisations and relevant stakeholders focusing on the usage of sport as a tool for Dissolving Discrimination.
    • It will enhance the opportunity of mobility of youth workers and leaders including the ones with fewer opportunities.
    • It is to capitalise on sharing best practices while discovering and building future collaborations on developing projects on European dimension for Dissolving Discrimination with sport as a tool to it.
    • To promote and implement social inclusion, anti-discrimination and active citizenship-oriented projects to be implemented in the future.

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