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2023 – YE Youthquake 4 EU: Fighting Disinformation

General Information

The project includes 5 major activities (2 offline & 3 online):

1. Exchange mobility for youth activists & tomorrow’s decision-makers in the Czech Republic (7 days, offline) – “EXCHANGE MOBILITY FOR YOUTH ACTIVISTS & TOMORROW’S DECISION-MAKERS”.

2. The EU parliament online seminar for youth leaders (1 day, online).

3. Youth hackathon on disinformation fighting in Europe (1 dayonline).

4. Simulation activity of the European parliament in Zagreb, Croatia (October 2023, Offline) – – “SIMULATION ACTIVITY OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT”.


Aim and Objectives

The aim of the youth activity is to debate issues of disinformation trends and their influence within European Union and certain member-countries, guide young people into the various aspects of eu policy-making and prepare them to be leaders for active participation in the decision-making on a European level, and advocate the eu parliament as an institution that can bring positive changes in Europe overall. also, youngsters will be offered to rethink different forms and models of youth participation in democracy in the current political and social conditions as well as to stimulate public dialogue on youth involvement in the European agenda during and after the covid-19 pandemic.

The objectives are:

– to address the issues of disinformation spreading in European democratic development and youth engagement in European affairs;

– to promote the values and principles of eEuropean unity, international cooperation, and youth involvement in policy-making processes;

– to provide the participants of the activity with the training of hard and soft skills in European leadership, transnational team building, political negotiation, policy research, and analysis as well as with the knowledge about the EP and its role in democratic development on the continent;

– to produce the policy proposals regarding principles and prevention measures against disinformation spreading about democratic development in eu and the European elections 2024 from the perspective of active youth and values of generation z.

Outputs of the project

Outputs of the project will be a series of educational videos about the project’s topics and participation in local communities, a series of articles on disinformation and European measures written by the participants of the project, and a policy proposal document regarding disinformation fighting and related European actions against it made by the participants, too.

Project Details


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