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Sports, Inc.

Project Summary

Sports Inc – Sports for inclusion was designed to address the growing levels of obesity, according to 2017 Obesity Update from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), aiming to tackle this issue by creating and disseminating a book with detailed information about how to get into a healthier life, created by youngsters who are experienced and who don’t have the possibility to otherwise get access to, either by fewer opportunities backgrounds, social or geographical problems, etc.

As this is a problem that affects everyone across Europe, all the partners agreed that it’s a topic that should be addressed and tackled in order to change these bad behaviours by society. ISAB, Champions Factory, Active Youth and Altropallone Asd Onlus are experienced partner in the field of sports and in using them as a tool for inclusion bringing even more content to the project.

The dates of the Youth Exchange were carefully chosen to match the European Week of Sport where we hope to go deeper into the youngster’s mindset making them more aware of the pros of a healthier lifestyle.

Selecting 25 youngsters from 5 different countries we aim to the following objectives:

  • To make use of sport to reach out to marginalised young people, youngsters from underprivileged backgrounds and people with disabilities or fewer opportunities.
  • To actively promote social inclusion of youngsters, promoting diversity, intercultural dialogue, and common values of freedom while inspiring positive impacts on health and well-being.
  • To empower youth through sport as a strategic tool to nurture tolerance and respect of human rights, inciting active civic participation against violence, discrimination and social exclusion.

These selected youngsters will be chosen from a list of candidates and preferably those who don’t have much opportunities to experience other cultures outside the borders of their countries to actively contribute to fill European mobility and cultural gaps to foster independence, wellbeing, and inclusion.

Through non-formal and informal education, with a special attention to youngsters from a fewer opportunities background and young migrants and refugees who has less access to information and are experiencing a challenging transition into a balanced adult life in community, this project will bring everyone together, regardless of age, gender or social origin, promoting dialogue, open discussion, debates and knowledge sharing, and creating an environment where they can develop solutions and learn from each other.

Activities like EU debates, creative theatre, dancing for inclusion will boost the sense of team work, cooperation and communication among them as they will need to work together to achieve the proposed objectives. This will also raise their ability to communicate and their public-speaking skills, preparing them for future situations making them more comfortable in front of others.

Comfy-group sessions will support the collective and individual reflection on the skills developed during the YE, enabling the formal recognition of these competences through instruments like the Youthpass.

By creating this knowledge book, we pretend to amplify the results to reach even more young people from fewer opportunities backgrounds, marginalised, in risk of social exclusion, disabled people and other vulnerable groups. Therefore, the expected impact on them is exponential to that expected on the YE participants.

In the end of the exchange, we expect the participants to have enough knowledge to develop and implement sport related activities in their local communities and spread this knowledge among others in order to fight the sedentarism and bad habits. We will produce a knowledge book with healthy habits and daily recommendations for a healthier life without changing much of our lifestyle and we will spread it through the internet pages, partners and local associations to make sure that everyone gets access to this information.

The partners involved intend to keep on collaborating and contribute for new Erasmus+/international projects through enlarged networks and cooperation endeavours to allow young people from local communities to experience and benefit from similar activities.

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