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2019 – Sport as a Tool for Social Inclusion and Active Citizenship

Project Summary

With this PBA we are dedicated to develop cooperation with other European organizations working with youth experienced and interested in social inclusion and active citizenship through creative usage and good practices of using sport as a tool for it.

Our aim is to identify and establish possible future long term cooperations with the selected partner organizations and collaborate in increasing the number of projects aiming at enhancing social inclusion and active citizenship in Erasmus+ funded projects throughout Europe and beyond.

The greater goal of the project is also to improve the amount and variety of usage of sport based methods as a NFE educational tool serving social inclusion and active citizenship under Erasmus+ programmes and therefore contribute to an integrational society and strengthened intercultural dialogue at local, national and international level too.

Expected results:

Provision of a meeting point to bring together 30 youth workers for future collaborations on Sport as a tool for social inclusion and active citizenship – PBA creation, strategic and collaborative partnership building and KA1 projects development.

We will be designing at least 7 projects (training course, collaborative and strategic partnership) to be applied in 2020 deadlines.

Project Details


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